• Growth, without investing!
  • More structure, less overhead. Reliable execution, predictability
  • Focus on the customer, not the projects...
  • What is the true loading of my organization??? Where is my bottleneck?
  • Bottom-up as well as top-down, employee ownership


  • Too much work  causes waiting time, longer projects and the constant need for priorities (congestion)
  • Consequences: unclear priorities, not enough people for the work, longer projects, even more work
  • How do we break this vicious cycle??? Where is the sweet spot?


  • FLOW!
  • Stable planning
  • Real-time priorities, thorough preparation
  • Predictable execution, early indication where work is queueing
  • Fast help where needed


  • Why, What, How?
  • Thoroug investigation and advice
  • Active role for employees
  • Active coaching during implementation


Four step implementation: